Raising the Professional Bar

Ever since the first recorded high jump in Scotland, athletes having been raising the bar.

Michael Sweeney's scissor-style motion in 1895 achieved a more economic clearance and raised the world record to 6 ft 5 1⁄2 inches.

In time, George Horine, developed an even more efficient technique, the Western roll.

President’s Message - Jason Schnitzler

I am extremely honoured to represent the NCSAS as incoming President for 2014, and I would like to thank outgoing President Kristen Hamm for his past and ongoing contributions to our chapter.

Why I see value in becoming an Advocis Member.

I have been a member of Advocis for approximately 7 years now, but I have been in the business for 10. I must be honest, it took some time for me to buy in to the true value of Advocis, and at that time the first year of membership was not free, so it seemed just another expense for a new advisor to take on.

Why do I belong to Advocis?

I enjoy the networking and fellowship with my fellow professionals at our local Professional Development meetings.

Advocis and Peace of Mind

The story is told of a lady who became so lonely she went to the local pet store with the hope of buying some companionship. The store owner convinced her to buy a parrot – expensive but with time, talkative. He assured her that once the bird began to feel at home, she would have a friend for many years.

Program Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Call me!

As Program Chair for our Advocis chapter it is my job to ensure that we offer our members opportunities to learn from their peers and other experts, to refresh their approach, ideas or methods for working with clients, or to be introduced to new ideas that they can bring to their business as well as to earn their needed CE credits.  This is no easy task!

Genetic Discrimination

Everyone was talking about Angelina Jolie this week because of her bravery and insight into having a double mastectomy because genetic testing revealed she carries the genes that indicate a greater risk for breast cancer than the average woman.  Furthermore, she is considering having her ovaries removed to also limit her risk of ovarian cancer.   Because of her celebrity status e

Life Happens

It was a little after 3 o’clock that I received the call.  I knew right from the start that something was wrong.  It was not the wife that was calling, but rather the husband.  He never calls.  He had left his job in the oil field last year to become a “contractor” for another company in the “patch”.  As is usually the case when leaving a job as an “employee” and becoming a “contractor”, he had to assume the responsibility for his own health and dental plan for his family, and of course, his own disability coverage.  Anyone working in this market would also recognize just how difficult it is to place “disability” insurance with a contractor with no prior contractor income.  As is often the case, I presented him with protecting himself with an injury only policy and supplementing it with a healthy critical illness insurance policy.  At the same time I encouraged him to get a critical illness policy for his wife, since she was a stay at home mom for their three children.  He reluctantly agreed to a term policy for her, too.  Six months later she had called to cancel the policy on her because he wasn’t making quite as much as they expected.  I relented and she agreed to keep it for the next 3 months.  That was 2 months ago. 

President's Message

As your president for the NCSAS I’d like to welcome all of our new and returning members of Advocis.  I’m excited about what we have planned for 2013 and hope you will continue to find what we are doing on your behal

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