Why I see value in becoming an Advocis Member.

I have been a member of Advocis for approximately 7 years now, but I have been in the business for 10. I must be honest, it took some time for me to buy in to the true value of Advocis, and at that time the first year of membership was not free, so it seemed just another expense for a new advisor to take on.

One morning while having breakfast I picked up the paper and opened the business section. Staring me in the face was FULL page endorsement of Advocis and the value of having a broker or career agent as your advisor who was an active member. The ad shared the justification behind this recommendation. Also on the this full page ad was a picture of the Executive, which consisted of several people I knew personally, and also contained a list of all active advisors with the North Saskatchewan Chapter. I was not on this list, and this truly bothered me. The last thing I wanted was for my clients to see this ad and question their judgement in selecting an advisor. Needless to say, the following day my first priority was to register as a member.

Since then I have seen the value over and over again in being a member of Advocis. From personal development days, access to CE credits, over 5 and under 5 days, and the advocacy efforts put forth on behalf of advisors. And now from an Executive perspective I am seeing up close and personal just how dedicated Advocis is making positive changes for advisors. We are working closely with regulators and legislators everyday to ensure that our advisors have a continually positive environment to prosper in. Advocis is an organization I believe every advisor should be part of, whether it be on a membership level or executive level. It was one of the greatest business decisions I ever made.


Jason Schnitzler

Sales Manager Sun Life Financial

President, Advocis North Saskatchewan


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