Why do I belong to Advocis?

I enjoy the networking and fellowship with my fellow professionals at our local Professional Development meetings.

Ever since Debra Wiegers phoned me up in 1995 to ask me if I wanted to be on the chapter executive, I have always liked sharing ideas with the local chapter leaders. I get more value from Advocis by staying involved than I would by passively paying dues and receiving a Forum magazine subscription. I have been chapter totem pole chair, webmaster, secretary, treasurer, President and now (CLU) Institute Rep.

Volunteering for the education committee at the National level has given me some nice previews of the updated CLU materials.

When I moderate the annual Update seminars each September/October I honestly get more out of them then I did sitting in the audience. To be properly prepared to be moderator I have to do all the self-study readings and analyze the case studies ahead of time.

The charity events such as Denny Carr’s Secret Santa are fun and make me proud to belong to a group that really cares about sharing our good fortune with the needy families in our community. I am glad when I see other Advocis members, such as Shawn Windrem, join me in donating blood at our semi-annual donor clinics at Canadian Blood Services.

Ever since my days with the Canadian Association of Financial Planners (that merged with CAIFA to form Advocis about 10 years ago) I have advocated raising the professionalism of financial advisors. I was delighted when I watched Greg Pollock in a February 8th webinar saying much the same things that CAFP promoted 25 years ago.

Basically I volunteer to be on the executive to give back to the organization that helped me get a start in my career in financial services, which began as a Sun Life agent making cold calls in 1979. The annual CLU dinners remind me of the great friendships I made in my 1980-84 LUAC days. It is fun to reminisce with fellow advisors that I had met over the years -- some even dating back to when I was in my 1st year LUATC class moderated by Jim Miki and 2nd year LUATC class moderated by Brian Mallard. Ah, the good old days.

See you at the next Advocis PD Day.

Terry McBride CFP CLU


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