A Strong Voice

In the face of the ever changing economy and the drive by regulatory organizations to have more control over our industry we need a common voice and that voice is Advocis. This is not a union pitch! But, as history has proven time and again, organizationsmade up of dedicated people who believe in what they are doing and in the value of their offering can and do impact decision makers and the policies of regulatory and governing bodies. As a member of Advocis, you are a part of such an organization.

Like so much of what we do, the value of your membership is not something you can stick in a bag and carry out of the store. The value is in the influence and reputation of our organization with MPs, MLAs, the regulatory boards and the public. It is in the work that is being done behind the scenes to ensure that when we need help, support, a voice to speak on our behalf,that voice is there and is being heard.  Think of your membership like an insurance policy. At first, it might be just a few pieces of paper you stick in a filing cabinet and forget about until the next time your advisor calls. There is peace of mind in those papers; Peace in knowingthat in a crunch you have something there what will make those difficult times slightly easier. That is what membership in Advocis is. Peace of mind that the business you are working so hard to build is protected, covered, just in case. Peace of mind that someone is on your side.

Annette Stephens, B.Ed
New Advisor Training Manager
Freedom 55 Financial
Office: 306-934-7060 ext. 222


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