Join Advocis? Why would I?

The answer to that question should be, why wouldn’t you?

It is our professional association. As a professional in the industry it should be an easy choice. The other members of our clients’ professional advisor team, lawyers and accountants, are mandatory members of their professional associations. They cannot practice with out being a member. So why wouldn’t we voluntarily join Advcois and raise our profile as professionals?

If you are not convinced then let me highlight a few of the many ways Advocis provides value to its members. Most recently, value was demonstrated when Advocis launched its public awareness campaign and website Financial Advice for All in response to the Canadian Securities Commission’s looming plan to ban embedded commissions. It is imperative that Advocis members engage in the campaign, encourage other advisors to become members, and become familiar with the Financial Advice for All webpage. Advocis has developed materials for advisors to email to their clients, post on social media and, their webpages encouraging clients to act now and stand up for fair access to financial advice by sending the posted letter to their politicians asking them to protect the public’s access to financial advice.

Advocis also provides value through the Learning Center where advisors will find the integrated pathway to a designation, licensing programs, continuing education courses, CE events and partner programs. By offering common curriculum, just one course will position an advisor to begin the CHS, CFP or CLU designations. From there an advisor can carry on to the CHS designation or continue with 4 common courses shared by the CFP and CLU designations. Recently, Advocis has partnered with the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors to offer the Certified Executor Advisor designation.

Advocis also offers continuing education in many ways; PD days, UPDATE, online courses, and the National Schools. With all they offer, Advocis is all you need to grow your professional knowledge.

Most advisors are unaware of the value Advocis provides on the regulatory front. Advocis Regulatory Affairs is the voice of advisors in meeting with regulators in Canada. They raise awareness for regulators about advisor knowledge, skills and professional standards. They identify areas of regulation that will impact the advisor profession and our clients.

Also falling under Regulatory Affairs is government relations. Dedicated volunteers form Provincial Advocacy Committees (PAC) that pro-actively interact with government to raise the profile of financial advisors through consistent messaging, and coordinate advocacy on policy and regulatory issues.

The PAC members scan the regulatory map, identifying issues, assess the impact of regulation, and developing practical policies to support financial advisors and their clients.

The Advocis network of members and local chapters effectively communicate its positions on issues affecting advisors and meets with regulators and government officials to ensure the voice of advisors is heard. Advocis strives to influence legislation and regulation directly impacting financial advisors at both the federal and provincial government levels.

These are just a few of the ways Advocis provides value to its members, more can be found on their webpage. In todays ever changing political and economic environment Advocis acts as the collective voice of advisors speaking out about topics that affect our industry. Our strength is in our numbers. The more voices the more impact. So, I ask again, why wouldn’t you become a member?



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