Advocis and Peace of Mind

The story is told of a lady who became so lonely she went to the local pet store with the hope of buying some companionship. The store owner convinced her to buy a parrot – expensive but with time, talkative. He assured her that once the bird began to feel at home, she would have a friend for many years. She paid the price and hauled the parrot home inside its huge cage, full of hope and anticipation.

A week later she returned to the store. “Is he talking yet?” questioned the storeowner. “Not a word,” she replied. “Hasn’t said a thing.”  “Did you buy a mirror?” he asked. “When parrots look at themselves words start to flow.” Hoping that would help, she bought a mirror and stuck it in the cage.

Days passed in continued silence, which prompted her to return to the store and complain that her bird still hadn’t uttered a peep. “Well did you get a ladder? You know parrots need to feel comfortable,” said the owner.

“Once he walks up and down the ladder a few times, I’m sure he will begin to talk freely.” She decided it was worth the added expense, so that same day she stuck the ladder in the cage.

The end of the week found her back in the pet shop, grim faced and disappointed, with the same complaint – no talk. “Well, have you bought a swing to go in the cage?” he wondered. “No, I don’t have a swing, but I do have a mirror and a ladder in there.” He talked her into buying a swing, which she reluctantly did, and attached it to the top of the cage, hoping against hope.

Three days later she came storming in, slammed the door of the shop and demanded to speak to the owner. She was steaming. When he saw her he immediately asked about the parrot. “Well he died this afternoon,” she blurted out.

“Died! How terrible. Did he ever talk?”  “Yes” she snapped. “He said just a few words as he breathed his last.” “Well what did he say?” the store owner asked. He whispered, “Don’t they sell any food down there?”

We live in a time, when people are being sold all kinds of mirrors, ladders and swings, when what we really need and truly long for, is something more fundamental to the human condition. And ironically, that longing is also, in many ways, a great definition of success in business. What is that longing and definition? I believe it can be summed up in three words: Peace of Mind.

Recently I had the privilege as Membership Chair of our local Chapter, to attend my first National Convention for Advocis.  I was truly impressed by our leadership and the collective vision for Advocis. Advocis is championing the cause for raising the professional bar in our industry, so more people are protected from those who just want to sell mirrors and ladders.

Since getting involved in our local chapter, I’m encouraged to find others who are committed to helping their clients experience “Peace of Mind” as they provide professional financial services.


Walter Klassen


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